Giesinger Kulturpreis 2016 -15 minutes of fame – Mjunik Mini Musical – A reflection on what is trash…


Andy Warhol was stating in the sixties: “in the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes”. This came true for all the participating artists during the competition “Giesinger Kulturpreis 2016” on the trashiest modern musical Munich could offer. International performers, musicians, composers, dramatists gathered in order to present five really distinct productions during the past Thursday, June 21st evening.

A treasure of Spanish post-romantic and modern piano music related to fine arts

I belong to people who stop when passing by an advertisement window with an interesting announcement of a concert. Looking at the watch it would start in 30 minutes and contain pieces, I would only learn about on CDs.

Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando (Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando) in Madrid and the piano recital of Mario Prisuelos offered me such an unforgettable experience and chance of listening pieces by Joaquin Turina, Federico Moreno Torroba, Tomás Marco and many more.

madrid concert

El Marimból – an authentic discovery

Imagine a half- island with coconut trees, and the most authentic experience in the Caribbean is fulfilled with you finding at the entrance of the hotel,where you stay, one of the most typical instruments used in merengue and other music styles in the Caribbean. Well, this was my happy gaze in the beginning, and later I found myself playing an imaginative rhythm on it.


Традиции карнавала в Аргентине

Сейчас время карнавала во всем мире! Я решила в этом году посмотреть как празднуется карнавал в Аргентине. Не далеко от СТРАНЫ карнавала, Бразилии, у аргентинцов существует своя собственная музыка и стиль танца под названием Мурга.